A downloadable game for Windows

Meet the quota on the right, but also try to score as high as possible!


W, A, S, D - Control crane

Hold Spacebar to grab a container and let go to release it


Shipping Mayhem v1.0 with extras.zip 33 MB
Shipping Mayhem v1.0.zip 27 MB


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Goddam this made my fingers confused. Great game, loved the way the ship moves as it interacts with the crane and the containers. I included it in a video I made, I hope you don't mind!

That's awesome, hope you had fun and thank you for playing! Would love to hear any feedback - what do you think of the funky physics for example?

Hey , thanks for the message. I really enjoyed playing Shipping Mayhem, I thought the physics made it really interesting,  particularly how the boat reacted to having the containers dropped on it, there was definately a knack to getting them to land without the boat tipping them off.  The containers were quite hard to manage, they moved around alot when you dropped the magnet in, if they moved less it might be easier but where is the fun in that? Thanks again for watching and look forward to more from you!

Do you think it would be more fun to play if the containers were picked up automatically when you got close to them (it is a magnet after all), so all you had to do manually was drop them off?

I think that would make it more difficult to pick the right colour container up. What was difficult was how they interacted with each other, that they were quite mobile, but that was also part of the fun. Maybe if they were was just a longer gap between each container arriving down the slide..?

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying to think of how we could translate this concept into a fun little mobile game so that's why I was toying with the idea of auto pick-up. 😁